Think About Planners’ Habits by Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

Remembering  Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 11:42 am

I was thinking many times before write it down. But yes, I can not avoid that pro and contra will be there. It is my sadness seeing the habits of the planners, young planners right now. I see the way in saving the place clean is not enough. For example, the littering habits. Trash the rubbish just in the table in the studio. It is a big warning actually.

As I know, planers are like artist, everybody will make them as good sample. Habits are the most important. How we can create a city to be better if we can’t control the simplest habits.

It doesn’t mean that planners are not having good attitude. There are remain many people who care with the cleanness, don’t worry. In this short note, I just want to make a “sticky note” that if majority people look great, the whole sample will be. So, don’t wait. Look around, waste the rubbish on the right place, the bin 🙂

Have a nice place, enjoy the clean place, Planers 🙂



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