Because Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining : Every Problem Has Solution

Because Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining : Every Problem Has Solution


Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

Undergraduate scholar and Fast Track Programme Student  (Beasiswa Unggulan, SEAMOLEC Scholarship Receiver from Ministry of  Education and Culture, Republlic of  Indonesia  in Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Faculty of Engineering, University of  Gadjah Mada; Founder of ASEC (Actual Smile English Clu

        In life, there is no thing 100% perfect as we imagine or we expect will happen. There are, even, a lot of examinations and also will never flat. Seems like you climb up the mount. You can find stones, pebbles, ugly plants, but then you can feel the fresh water of a fountain in your journey. You could see the wild rose or anything amaze you then. That’s life!

            In this age, I learn so much by many experience. They could be coming from myself, friends or whoever around me. Someday I got a big problem and like no hope, but I believe no body gets such of an examination without a door to solve. The key is in the way we view this out. We are the person who choose, not others. There is always solution for every problem. I listed some big problems that students like me always face of, they can be seen below:

  1. 1.      Time Management
  2. 2.      Financial Support
  3. 3.      Transportation and Mobility
  4. 4.      Communication (it can be sttudent with student or/and lectures)
  5. 5.      Friendship vs Principle

            For the first problem about time management, we always feel so many deadlines, organization activities, doing hobby, sports, hang out, they come together and need priority. What I always did was academic priority then focus to extracurricula activities. I was taking in executive student board organization, legislative some months later, also a university leadership programme along my carier in the campus. Doing research, competitions, and design in same ways dan same time. Yes right, I always do something beneficial overlapped with something elsa as long as both of them relevant each other. For example doing research competition, so that I can do publication while I can know my capability though that challenge. Here I couldn’t agree more with Medici’s statement, a great banker before Renaissance Era, that everything is actually crossing each other, whatever it is. So that, wrapped up some activities interconnected is a good choice to make time efficient. You do once but many impacts to receive.

            Then we go to the second problem, about financial support. I am lcky enough because I don’t need to live in a dorm or student flat like others. I am home just for hours from my campus, University of Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta. By this condition, I can save up my money and allocate the food and beverages budget for others. But not 100 % because if I compare with other friends who use motorcycle (while I go by bus) I take much more budgets for transportation. There is always an opportunity cost when we choose a desicion. For competition etc I need my parent’s financial support at first but then campus and freelance fees. This freelance is really useful beside it is in line with my passion in writing and design. Doing entrepreneurship is also a good choice as I see my friend can produce bruto income up to 50 millions rupiah per month by his bussiness.

            So how about transportation and mobility? Actually I suggest you to use public transportation in the 3 years or 2 years of your college to understand the environment and make you respect time more better. It is a lesson by the way. If you use motorcycle, make sure you contribute an environmental energy and health saving activity. As we know that number of motorcycle is always increase year to year, also being a concern issue today. If you go by bike, as long as it is safe for you, it is so recommended. Do not forget to use your helmet by the way.

            Talking about communication things between student with student or student with lecturer, do it effectively and efficiently. You could do hang out but it doesn’t mean your day is just for it. Make it balance. While  with lectures, make sure that you make an appointment firstly before meeting.  They just want to serve you as you ready with the exact topic of discussion. Make sure also you don’t waste their time. If you get a time for waiting, use it to write or resume your day. It is good for you to have a blog that will help you to release your stress. Try it!

            Okay, this is the last problem to solve in this article about friendship and principle. In college life, no moe term for being follower only. You must have leadership to decide what is good or bad for yourself. Do not afraid if you have to explain something principle that different from your friends. It is not the end of your life! Later or sooner they will understand your way and your identity in term of character. Just be confidence but do not overconfidence. So simple, this problem just need your strength to say and take a decision according your consideration.

            Last but not least I wanna say that every problem has solution. Do not give up on something you don’t understand at first. Everything needs time, but do not take time too long. Time goes fast and wouldn’t wait you. You must grab your success as soon as possible! Viva!


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