KOPHI Yogya’s Presentation at JOSSEA International Conference Day #3: Municipal Solid Waste Management in ASEAN


About JOSSEA 2013

Join Opinion  Solving for South East Asia 2013 is a platform for student as a young leader to speak up their ideas, to be heard, and to contribute for a better ASEAN, especially in order to form an ASEAN Community 2015.

Every session of JOSSEA aims to inspire, motivate and give a new perspective for the students by giving the time to explore the diversity and the main problem of mostly countries in ASEAN, such as poverty, natural disaster, and global warming. At the last day of JOSSEA, the participant will have a chance presented their big idea, declare an affirmation action of JOSSEA, then to be followed up in each of the participants‘ country. (http://asone-asean.com/index.php/conference/jossea2013)

This is the teaser of JOSSEA 2013:

Download KOPHI Yogyakarta’s  presentation at JOSSEA, January 23, 2013 via Dropbox

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