I am A Book Hoarder #2 Chapter II Habie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua

I am A Book Hoarder #2

Chapter II Habie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua

Happy weekend! I write this one on Sunday, April 7, 2013. This is my second article about the summary of the book entitled “Habibie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua”, especially  chapter II about nation vision (“visi kebangsaan’).

For Mr. Habibie, in the life as a country citizen, we have to respect the system and national identity we have. ‘Musyawarah’ is the best wat that Indonesia’s ancestors have taught hundreds year ago. No reason to avoid this wise way. One day in a political context, Mr. Habibie faced a dilemma whether to use voting system or “musyawarah” in “Sidang Umum MPR” / MPR General Court. He gave a view how to manage and feel the public’s feeling about the budget for a kind of meeting. For him, voting is such of emergency door when ‘musyawarah” takes a longer time and not purposively effective. Voting can cut the  budget and can cut the problem as soon as possible. This argument he delivered when he was invited in Forum Keadilan  and answer a public opinion that je was ‘UUD 1945 Changer” (such of a betrayer of Indonesian basic constitution). What  a fact that his speech of responsibility as a president was being refused by Commission D of MPR on October 19, 2013. There were 355 voices refused, 322 accepted, 9 voices were abstaint, and 4 were not legallly accepted. Sooner, public knew that there were such of money politic spreaded in legislative body to refuse his speech, though Mr. Habibie did not take this problem longer to think. Achievement is more important to be made.

Beside as president, Mr. Habibie also was experienced as Minister of Research and Technology. He supported the context of urban planning to make a dynamic and productive space for activities. He said, in making this came true, need a big effort to make any separation of “tata ruang”/ urban planning with “tata uang”/ money politic (Habibie, 1996 on Makka, 2012).  It was stated on his speech in National Seminar “Peningkatan Peran Serta Masyarakat dalam Penataan Ruang dan Pembangunan Perkotaan in Jakarta, 1996. He firely spoke up a problem of space disfunction , for example when the agricultural areas or ricefileds were changed into golf field. It was consumtive activity. “ All of gross domestic product volume is nothing added, just distribute the product from that production activity. This is consumptive one”, he said (Makka, pp: 42, 2012). For him, city needs Interface or Public Facility for making it possible as people place to do interactions. The conclusion is making a better space means not only think the quantitative aspect (profit) only, but also the qualitative aspect (liveability) so that no term of “tata uang” anymore.

On page 45, there is something inspiring too. This book explains that there was a phenomenon of “Habibie’s Speak”. It was such of titled to Mr. Habibie because he always spoke so fast and there was part of public judge him as a good talker only, not a good listener. But actually, the title should be seen objectively. Mr. Habibie had so much idea accumulations so that he always didn’t use speech script or not read that wholly when delivering his speech. He just looked at glance the script and continued to spoke up more dynamicly. That was not his character to monopolize a discussion or such of it.

Mr. Habibie’s view about Pancasila also makes the reader amaze I think. As general perspective said, the philosophy of Pancasila tends to Javanese way of life, but for him, we could learn the philosophy from people of Batak even. We can find Siregar surename. There is moslem Siregar. There is Chistian Siregar. There is Catolic Siregar. All of them obey the Tapanuli customs and life side by side though they are different in some ways. They do it harmonicly while keep doing effort to accelerate their capacity building to answer ‘changes operative” / “operatif perubahan” (Makka, pp.54: 2012). High tolerancy.

Last but not least , this chapter explains too how Mr. Habibie was being motivator among his friends. It could be when he was in college in Aachen (Germany) or in his daily life. He was one of beloved student of Prof. Opitz in Aachen. Students always noticed that it was hard to get “Sehr Gut” mark from this professor, but not for Mr. Habibie. He passed the examination of him and being the first rank among 250 students who joined the examinations. He could do it although he was actually getting pain of bone flu or such of bone TBC. There is always a way if you have a will.

By the way, I will continue the third article about chapter III soon. And I think, it is not an article as friend of your teatime. It will be more challenging topic anyway 🙂


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