I am A Book Hoarder #1

I am A Book Hoarder #1

“Habibie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua”



Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

@EmmyYR; emmy.yuniarti.rusadi@gmail.com


As book lover, I can’t even remember the exact titles of my book. Reading has been my habits since I was child. A book hoarder can be meant as collector too. But I am not a ‘currator’ of books. What I love much is encyclopedia actually, but it is not a cheap one so that I always try to read that over  library. Today, books are not printed again as if you want to read that fast. Anyway, this article will share you one of a little favourite book about Habibie entitled “Habibie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua”. As follow, I will write one by one inspirative book summary to share my view about the books and some of good follow ups I wait then.

Here we go, the book “Habibie 3: Kecil Tapi Otak Semua” is written by A. Makmur Makka, one of scholar from Ohio University 1980 and in 1994 he was a special staff on the Ministry of Research and Technology of Republic Indonesia. In 1997 he has been editorial chief (pemimpin redaksi) of “Harian Republika”. As i noticed, there are four chapters written in the book talking about human resources, national vision, conspiracy, and the dept view of Habibie figure. For me, the first chapter about human resource is so touching and inspiring. Habibie always makes a bold voice to Indonesia to focus on it. When we have high quality of human resource, there is no doubt for other country mocking to this nation anymore.

Human resource quality has been Habibie’s concern and tends to be obsession. In my view, it is an exact obsession. He always remind us the term of “added value” that human has to create to make us survive. For him, research is the best method to accelerate this goal, to gain smarter generations.  Research is such of habits in advance country, so there is no reason to avoid research and getting lazy if we want to grab all success for our country. As mentioned in the book that Habibie was working in Messerschmitt-Bölkow-Blohm (at that time, the name was Hamburger Flugzeugbau). He got a big trust to lead a research project of advance technology. How could the company trusted him? The answer is because Habibie is capable and can be trusted. So that the principle to be a researcher is credibility. It is not about money and politic support. Just being consistent with everything we do as long as we know the goal. Researcher has to change the theory, not the people. According Habibie (pp.15), knowledge theory is based on philosophy and natural reality (both can be possibly understood consciously or unconciously by the general of people). That is why, theory made by human has “initial condition” (“kendala awal”-translation) and “boundary condition” (“kendala batasan”-translation) depends on place and time (Makka, 2012, pp. 15). Habibie also concern how the approach of Soziale Markrtwirtschaft can work. This approach makes from middle class to grassroot. Beside, he sttill suggest that two other approaches to gain nation’s wealth be done; Top Down Approach and The Bottom Up Approach.

In his life, Habibie doesn’t let his great day away. This habits also can be seen by how his wife, Mrs. Ainun Habibie cares him by making special words on a card on his birthday, March 2, 2002 as stated below:

“Do anything that warms your heart or makes a happy memory short! Do anything you want to do. Just be happy all day through! HAVE A         GREAT DAY!”

This is the first article I make about Habibie from first chapter of the book. I will continue my article about the second chapter of the book soon. Wait and have a nice reading!

-April 5, 2013-


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