Virtual Delegate on Global Youth Forum #ICPD 2012 #Day 1

Magelang, 5th December, 2012


It is 0.11 a.m in Indonesia. It is 5th December , 2012 (Indonesia’s time zome). After taking a rest for a while from 11 p.m I keep updating what happen with the ICPD 2012. Checking email and watching the process of the forum. Well, all the main speakers actively on the podium. The topic of this day is about Health. Here is the schedule I can share to you:

4th December

  • Opening ceremony
  • Plenary presentation: Staying Healthy
  • Virtual Forum broadcast 1 – Dr Babatunde Osotimehin
  • Virtual Forum broadcast 2 – Agnes Monica & Monique
  • Plenary discussion Agreeing Priorities on Staying Healthy
  • Plenary presentation:Comprehensive Education
  • Virtual Forum broadcasts (tbc)
  • Plenary discussion Agreeing Priorities on Staying Healthy

I opened my laptop on the noon, with the activities, and preparing the video for being uploading tomorrow. Let see what is the feedback. I learn firstly about this forum website design. It is so encourage us, eventough as not delegate may be, to keep attention and ejoy the every scheme to participate. I tried, I did. That was fun actually. According to UN, the youth age is no more than 24 years old. Time to beat the challenge. Alright, next day will be nice, but the schedule was not in the website. May be one of the scheme too, though it is a little bit lack of information 🙂

Also, this is the link to watch the video:


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