Urban Future, Urban Challenge: Learn From MRT Project Plan in Jakarta

Urban Future, Urban Challenge: Learn From MRT Project Plan in Jakarta


Seeing that resources in this world is limited, it is an important thing to know about urban future and challenge. This term has been published by UN HABITAT in 2009 by its document of Global Report on Human Settlements 2009. This organization said that there are 5 future urban challenges that world will face at least in 2050 when more than 50% of people will live in urban areas. The 5 challenges are demographic challenge, environmental challenge, economic challenge, socio-spatial challenge, and institutional challenge. It is more about growt rate that goes rapidly. Almost 1 billion people or 32% of the world’s current urban population assumed live in a slum situation with of course inadequate human needs too. Jakarta is one of that big city populated by big numbers of people and mobility.

Jakarta with its momentum seen by the election result that Joko Widodo and Ahok as the governor, has a big chance to implement the kampoeng strategic plans. But also, the transportation management along the metropolitan roads. The discourse of MRT project came to public since 1995 in the era of Soerjadi Soedirdja. When Fauzi Bowo took his time as governor, in 2008, he maked PT. MRT Jakarta as the government own corporation to make MRT plan came true. Till now, this MRT project plan goes. The whole budget to build the MRT system is 3.8 Billion Rupiahs. This budget is a big budget according to Jokowi. So then he needs to re-review again the plan. In my view, this is one of the challenge of him to choose what is more appropiate transportation mode choice in Jakarta. In other side he still has a job to convince people that his plan to add the number of Trans Jakarta and cut the traffic jam by this kind of mass transportation. He is now in the two big challenges. If we learn how Singapore build its MRT system, needs a strong land consolidation to make efficient routes, while the system is conducted by IBM International. MRT project plan in Jakarta dominantly done by JICA from Japan with of course, the suggestion in using of of their technology. That is why the budget of the plan is so high. In this case, many people also support Jokowi does not act too reactive in reviewing the fact. Rationalism and choice alternative are more needed. We learn so much with the procurement system in Indonesia is still having some lackness. We are afraid if MRT project plan roughly accepted in 2013 ( the latest prediction), there is indication of corruption crime happen. As MTI (Masyarakat Transportasi Indonesia) suggested that the material/ components in MRT technology can be also use by China, not 100 % from Japan. So that the budget can be lower than the proposal. Besides, the remain of the price will be used as the budget for health guarantee system and education support in Jakarta. Urban future in Jakarta is in Jokowi-Ahok’s hands.


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