Now You Can Lap the Piano#

I couldn’t play music instrument. I just could play some simple of them. But I love instrumental music, jazz, or pop country like Taylor Swift has. Besides, I really like to hear a religious music, like Raihan (called Nasyid), Opick ( soloist, but he was also doing duet and collaboration with some artists), and such of them. Yes, music is not about expressing something freely. No absolute freedom for me, so that is why I want to invite you too, chhosing the appropiate music. Music can help your successful, but it can be trivial. Just be wise on it.

In about 2010 I tried to install a mini-piano software to my laptop. I was blind on tuts, note etc. I was just a listener. I just tried to click keyboard that reflected the tones. Just roughly. And it was not making me know more about the challenge of the sofftware. Then I reinstalled it. Now I am finding a mini-software made by Indonesian, entitled EASYKEYS he made it. Baso Basri is his name. We can do such of tones, even roughly, then can print the result. So, in a shorttime, you gonna be a pianist. But actually that is a prototype I think. It seems like baby’s tool or kids tool in learning tones or music sheet then. But yes, it i smore challenging, better than the previous I had :)))

The link of the software is this:

#when technology can “scream”, is on your  laptop, piano can be lapped

#October, 29, 2012


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