Creativity is A Sexy Thing

Sad looking at common youth get a worse educations from common media right now, I write this one. As an academician, I really say thanks to Allah with everything, every knowledge I get, every inspirations I get from the campus’ live. But then, I have to be aware that not so many people are lucky like me, like us who get a higher education.

I damn love in the name of creativity and technology since I like draw and passionate with them all. I did, I was more in abstract drawing and design. I couldn’t draw as naturalist or realist did. But talent will be close to us when we sharpen that well. Someday will be better hehehe. I like pathways, that is why dinamic and mobility I like to see. Urban design is one of my passion too. Making city is not about making t neat only. Clean only. But more of it, do the creativity to make a feeling for the city users, city citizen. These are some photos I found on internet. Some abroad inspirations. Not at all can be implemented in Indonesia, but these truly can make me think that simple thing can be done and seems like invite us do such of dialogue. See the pictures and we can know that simple thing is made into creativity. What a postmodernism!


See, it just one white paper and its simple but sophisticated design pointed to the content of the poster. Then here is:


Sitting on the drums. I have never see it happen in my campus even. So, need more creativity forward!

Also check it out:



Creative is not only about complicated designs, but it might be simple things. After seeing this, I think I have to make my designs come true. Hard work!


Image source:


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