The Advance Cycling System: My Jealousy

This jealousy goes to the cycling system in USA. History of a nation really affects to its development to their people. USA is a long history, but not everything they have is suit for Indonesia. I try to search for what is it like, the cycling system in USA. Then I found this website, What a complete website with its complete topic to the users. How to get a training in cycling until how to make a convenient pathway for them. Just click and you can find what you want. This is one of my research favourite website. Though, of course, we can’t copy all the way they do, but this is a good inspiration to make any accessible information to the public about cycling. As I mentioned in my previous post BE WISE WITH YOUR VEHICLE, I try to adapt some of points to Yogyakarta city,the bikers city. Indonesia is really creative nation. In the old times, no computer, but community grew so big. No idea of global warming, no idea to force people redue carbondioxyde. But bikers were there. Long before USA aware how to make cycling is convenient, Indonesia has tried to concern making space for bikers beside the road ( still dominantly land, not asphalt). Rice field were still green, while trees also. But as decreasing of the ecology, city is getting warm, getting not friendly to the bikers. Just an asumption if the environmental degradation affects so much to human behaviour. Many researchs also have been done to answer this hypothesis. A very interesting process.

Here we go, one website that I told to you. Check it:

Other website that you can visit also is about pedestrian. Its definition and its similar words :


Information is never stop except the system stops. It is a challenge for researcher doing so. Making a system. Try to make it, then share the usefulness to public. Making awareness by showing the problems then answering by design of ideas. This article I write to share my ideas that anything can be inspiration. Even your jealousy. What do you wait? Be jealous, and move to do better.


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