I never think before that walking will be a very crucial thing nowadays. Many cities in the world talked about this like we eat regularly everyday. It is like a regular issue comes forward. In Indonesia, vehicles are mostly private own. Public transportation seems not really popular better than any other vehicles, let say cars or motorcycles. According to MetroTV data (one of private tv channel that is acknowledged as a credible tv cahnnel in Indonesia) has published that Jakarta has 9,5% private vehicles every year, but it is only 0,1% road-length’s increasing. Jakarta is a mayor pattern for Indonesia  since its development era in 1960s. Even in 1998, Jakarta is still having major factor being a sample to other region doing its transportation development. This fact will be different in other regions around Indonesia. Public transportation in Indonesia is not effective yet by its imbalance demand and supply. Traffic jam is everywhere even everyday happens in main big city. Yogyakarta with its old image as “City of Bikers’ is now changing. It has a mega project of Jombor overpass or people commonly said as Ring Road Overpass near Jombor Bus Station in Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Luckily, I read an article of Essen. A district in Germany administration region. It is located in the Rhine/Ruhr region. It is one of heart city that connects abroad, one sample is Netherland. One interesting information on its official website informs us how the price of parking is there. You can see the picture below to read the detail info of it:

Source: Fließtext Building

Expensive parking price if you have a car, then you have to park it for example one hour working in an office or formal building in the core of city. If 1 Euro is same with 15,000 Rupiahs. Count them, and we will find that is money more useful for getting a cup of coffe or bread overthere. Germanian has a strict mindset on their brain about this rule I think. No body can help to break the rule. Let compare if you use bicycle. Different policy comes to you. Altgouh you have to rent (if you don’t have any), it is more easier and cheaper than you have private car. This spirit, can bea motivation for us to do so. How to make a walkable community is really important nowadays. This topic also interests my mind to do the research now. It is still in process, butI have to say thanks to the team that they force themselve to read more about making a more walkable area. Or even cycling area. It is not a riugh dream if the guideline is there. We will do our best during the research. But then my questions come to the question that people commonly blame Indonesian tropical climate as abig reason not doing walking, cycling or using otopad (if any). Though there are more reasons declared people do not attract to use bicycle or public transport because of the security. Every motorcyclist doesn’t have enough security tolerancy to the walker or bikers in the street. Motorcycle can be a murderer in the street if it is handled by non-ethycal person. So that, one that I can say, be wise with your vehicles will be a good suggestion. While we have to reduce private transportations too. Public transportation, walkable community, and cycling areas are possible dreams to become true. Viva!

–For you who concern with public transportation, infrastructure, urban environment, and its connection, I have a hope for us to join making an urban design etc. This is my email: Thank you–



  1. Japan also did the same thing with various time and price allocation. It means that only the one who have ability to pay it can use his car….

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