4 Y.E.A.R.S. W.A.L.K.I.N.G

4       Y.E.A.R.S.      W.A.L.K.I.N.G



Experience of 4 years walking is not a lie. I have practiced, hehehehe. Don’t think this is done by all days without stop. I do this along my campus’ daily life. I am in my last semester right now, semester 8, 4 years. 

How could I do this/ Taking bus is my choice. Long before people so crowd talks about global warming and so on, I have practiced this habits. I am feeling convenient but yes, tiredness is a truth. I have not any driver licence yet at my senior high schhol’s age. That’s the first time I decide not bringing motorcycle to campus. But driving it in a nor crowded place is an ability. 

This is also a respectful of me to the students that I saw spend their time by walking to keep money. I open my eys and mind about that. I am feeling that not all students were luck by money to fullfil their campus;s life. Deep in my heart, that way was a struggle, I had to feel. And yes, I never regret to do it till now. Many benefits I got. I could split my time not like others, I feel. Everybody has his/ her own time management facing his/her bussiness. I am feeling so much forced ( learning to force my self till lmit). Counting my journey time and arrange it everyday is an entertainment :p


Many of my friend got in a big eyes knowing me walk everyday and take the bus to go home. I just smiled. I know, this habit can be done by you too someday. But then I was thinking, public transportation is a must to go to campus especially. I have an experience when the bus of 5A lost from its operation by the changing system of TransJogja. So awesome I could feel that one. Our public system is still ineffective even inefficient. One a half hour to reach campus from Magelang, that is commonly can be reached 40 minutes by motorcycle, is a long time. I have written a complain to a local newspaper about this, but I couldn’t find my post. Alright, that was a struggle. I hope one or two readers can do the same 🙂

Well, I also respect actually, to the bikers in Jogja. Though their safety is still a question, but their spirit to reduce the carbondioxide is a two thumbs up action. This is a discourse need to be solved soon, very soon. I don’t wanna loose the fresh air then live in a polluted city. Polluted campus. I think you do so 🙂




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