M.e.d.i.c.i E.f.f.e.c.t

Talking is nothing!

Discussion is nothing!

Two staements above are true. But yes true if only done by the worst purposes. You wanna get a new wolrd on your mind by knowing something new with people around you. Today is one of it. Actually it was a discussion by one CEO, and two founder of community. Thanks for the big time you guys spent, brother Rayendra and CEO Riyo in that fastfood (haha, I still remeber how the cashier looked us by smiling because we discussed a little bit whether the “petugas” could speak in Japanese or not by selling the menus).

Well, the discussion began by the Japan’s impression that brother Rayendra had. Then Riyo’s opinion about Japan. Many reasons why that country can be on of the most advanced country, the optimism, Shinto, the regulations up there, also why Indonesia is still the best choice to be happy in hehe. We were feeling Indonesian lovers at the moment. But then the topic also moved to AI (Artificial Intellegent), how making the robots or mechanical creatures could think and get experience. Such of making brain for it. Awesome! I have read the topic on National Geographic on may be 1,5 or 2 years ago. Scandinavian countries and Japan are competitive in making AI as theor future. But yes, world can see more to Japan. Also I remember when I was in the senior high school when one friend gave me a tabloid by many nice pictures written in Kanji (oh yeah, I might read that very easy, seeing the picture :)). Picture that a grandmother took a bath by the shower robot. Picture that “tiang listrik” in rural area of Japan ( pictured like a home of Doraemon hehe) got thinner and efficient. Picture that showed me the exact future of robot in 2030, 2050, and forward. Can Indonesia has this one too? Many socio aspect may be thought as troubles. But yes, someday we can’t force technology like others. But we can’t keep silent on the world technology changing.

So, where is Medici Effect like I said as title?

Well, I am urban planning student. Riyo is an IT engineering student. and brother Rayendra is a mechanical engineering student. What cross-knowledge happened to us. In the 2nd semester of me, I have read a book of Medici Effect, how a banker could make a big effect by collecting many knowledges by cross-knowledge of the scientiest in Italy at that time. Just simple, discussion in a cafe. WARKOP we say now :). Every good purpose alsao will effect a good result. A good intention will lead a good effort. The question now, could you get the benefit by reading this and make any good changes around? I want give you a proud. Let’s show Indonesian talents 🙂





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