M.o.n.e.y-v.e.s.t.a.t.i.o.n #1

Money-vestation #1

Talking to Alan Greenspan’s Story and Ideas

It is almost my three weeks I hold a book about the biography and carier story of Alan Greenspan. Who doesn’t know him in this world of economy. He is a profile of capital economic in USA, in Wall Street, in The Fed. Never expect that I could find out that book from my social science colleague. I am engineer, but the cover design has attracted me to read, even when I read the synopsys behind, it connected with my interest on infrastructure and in fact, high level economy is really connected with the name of public policy.

That book told many struggle that Alan Greenspan faced by the World War II in Manhattan at that time. Well, I couldn’t lie that Manhattan was also a reason I open the book. One place that I dream when I was in the senior high school. A historical place in Albert Einstein’s story too.

Back to the book, I could find some facts that Alan was a leader in the forecasting. Many industrial cases suc as mining, steel, and even agriculture he could analized. He was one of the most genious The Fed leader ever that US’ government had. Some said that he was a prophet of economic and forecasting. Well, that is human says by the way 🙂

Alan has a huge experience after 10 days he was being The Fed leader. Big crisis named The Dark Monday (Senin Kelabu). He likes so much on Adam Smith, John Locke and Schumpeter’s minds and ideas. The capitalism that brings economy more stronger, more independent. But then I asked to myself, is that true? In the trhird part of the book content even storied how the econmy went unstable and the panic of investor in the Wall Street reflects so in the other part of the world that follow this system. I am may be blind with the whole story of economic cases, but it shows me that the system not making us can sleep for a while (a term as economist also understand).

My title of “money-vestation” is a slang word to express my idea after reading the book and accumulation of my some questions about the unstable situation. When the saving money are not balance with the public expenditures. When inflation comes. When the government say “we are in the stable condition” but not. When the price of houses can up and down so deep. Also when the opening of the market in the stock exchange system goes flat or even closed in a really low points. It is like a game!

Yes, we can see the manifestation of human on how live convenient being unbalance. Are we so greedy until every point of number we bring to dreams?

–to be continued–


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