It is not a big party, but it is beginning of everything

An inspiration when graduation party comes. I have not yet feel that now, but many lessons I see from friends and seniors around. Graduation is not about mark.  And that is one that I wrote down on mymind since the 2nd semester I was in my university.

I am a university student, and I come not for the marks only. Many struggle that will make us go to the rain (hehe, crying) by the extramiles efforts you did because of the thesis (undergraduate),  doing consultations, waiting for the lecturer, doing revisions, getting mad by the mistakes, so much paper buying, and of course the ink you need so much wkkk. But then you can scream so loud when the graduation certificate you get! Congratulations.

What I see is, time goes fast, and graduation party is a big beginning. It is not the end. So much challenge forward. So many friends and enemy in job or carier field will be there. Need more adaptation better than in the campus life. Viva for you guys who have been graduated! Keep strong, keep moving, and making achievements. World waits you J

Dedicated for everyone who pass the time in graduation party. See you at the top buddies!

-I could’t reach GSP building in UGM today, but yes, I pray for your successful guys-

Wed, 28th August 2012





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