August 8, 2012


I just succeed to present  one pptx on 9th-10th July, 2012 about ecoutourism in Mahakam Delta with my partner, Dana, from Geography Faculty, UGM. That was The 5th Indonesia International Forum (IIF) by UGM and Yale University in Gedung Pusat UGM (Central Building of UGM). I couldn’t count the number of national and international speakers attend, but that was one experience for me that makes me paper.addict. Trust me, it is positive. Since I was joining KIR (Student Research Ascosiation) in senior high school, and being the chief, writing was being a part of life. By writing, we can remind many things. It doesn’t mean we are easy to forget something, but make an own ‘brain library’ it is not enough.

In my senior high school, I tried to write some narrations, one succeed research was about the using of iron-sands of Galaha Indah Beach in peanuts productions. As an odd way, my team tried to presented in English, but the result was not odd. We get 1st place position! We send the paper to DIKTI, but no problem, we failed to join the national competition. Paper at that time was like something difficult to do.

Then The IIF event remind me that time goes fast, really fast. Now, reserach has been a main blood of the era. Not knowing how to write of paper in the academic purpose or to promote the ideas will affect badly to us. Sometimes I think that the writing system is really strict. It has a purpose to make a very clear source of datas used. But in the other hand looks like a monster for an amateur, like me in the first time. Difficult to remember the citation requirements. But yes, practice is the best teacher for me. Got a chance to present the ideas and paper make me addict to do more. It is more like a challenge to convince that I can also make any good contibution to this nation by my ideas and the way to promote ideas implemented. Some my junior in study programme asked me what were the tips. I said, focus and having high interest were two main keys, beside the curiocity and long term vission. Ideas can’t be stop when it flows. It is more than water on the pipe, but in the ocean. We can’t know exactly the limits of ideas, but then research teachs us to write to make any focus as “limitation’ of discussion on the paper. Like the ocean that has shores, paper also, ideas also. Sometimes we have to keep the boat in the shore to think one or more what is the next follow up. After you invent something, it is a natural challenge that you want to get more. Because this is knowledge, just go. But then you will face many little stones and rocks in front of you doing research. Your eyes will feel tired by the reading process. Your muscles will screams like you have no more energy to type the research results, but those are challenges! Life is only once, so do your best!

By writing this, I also feeling addict to write more post and post in my blog 🙂

Writing will help the world keep and share its story. Writing is not only in the research of academic. Even everyday you do research in counting how much Rupiahs or Dollars you should spend to get foods, drinks, and transporations hehe. Just make it habits, writing! The addictive will not hurt you, it will more give you benefit. Just be wise in sharing the writing result, that is my last point 🙂

 I share one picture of me and my colleague, Annisa in The 5th IIF 🙂


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