A Glass of Life // LIFE-SPIRATION

A Glass of Life // LIFE-SPIRATION

Friday, August 3, 2012; 12:28

First of all, thanks to Michael Buble for his great song written. ‘I Just Haven’t You Yet’. In my interpretation, that song will say to everybody to get survive and convinve to the beloved ones about who are you, what you can contribute forward, better that you give all more tahn you get.
This reminds me about sharing motivation in everyyoung (my term) nowadays. Yes it is true, you have to strong first before you give something to other people. But it doesn’t mean you wait so long to give amount of things. Simple thing from now is more important and being a huge mount of goodness.
When you just have 20k a day to fulfill your daily needs, spend 5k-8k to do what in Islam said as ‘amal’ or ‘shodaqoh’. Do notcount how many percent that is, just give and give. Buy a minibook or newspaper to your bestfriend or college that need them. Buy fresh foods for some cute homeless kids, or sick old man. Not every person of homeless people are good, so it needs your talent to do the ‘choosing exercise’ hehe . Trust me that all of them will make you peace, even you have a little afterward. Do not regret, Allah swtknows better that us.
Young it is not an excuse to delay the art of giving. Use our youth as the big motivation to do everything earlier. Even your single knowledge on your brain is able to be shared. Not at all of course, again, you have to choose ones. It will such of an exercise to be a leader someday. Because a leader is a person who can share the knowledge and ability to make people around have a good ability or more than him/her. Spend your time, money, and energy for doing something in a longlasting mindset. Life is not only now. It is just a short path to meet a more peaceful life afterward . Make your RIP board has a good smell after your name is written on it. People will write your name in their heart. It can be happen just because you try to share positive things in your life, every single time. Without you realize, friends come unfortunately when you need them. Indeed.
Note: Listening music is not only for fun, but a more fun learning . Have a nice day all!!!For ever reader, if I can touch you now by this writing. Yes, someday we can meet. Michael Buble just said “I just haven’t met you”


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