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Urban and Regional Planning Study Programme (S1)&Fasttrack Programme of Master Program on City and Regional Planning (Beasiswa FASTTRACK SEAMOLEC 2011-2013) (S2), Universitas Gadjah Mada

Nature always has its language. There is collaboration between  land, water, flora and fauna, and the air. They  altoghether send us, human, many soft language without we realize before. Bromo, is one of the unique complex in East Java.  Made by some parts of mounts like Gunung Bromo (Bromo Mount) it self, Gunung Bathok (Bathok Mount) in the closest area, Gunung Midodaren (Mount Midodaren). And in the beside of, there is also Gunung Semeru (Mount Semeru) as one of the highest mount in East Java, even in Java.

I was June 9,2012 in the mid of day I and friends had an opportunity went there. Not for getting sunset or sunrise, but more about the great scenery. But what the most awesome was the journey and the time I got  knowledge about the message of Bromo. The day was so sunny and clouds were rare in the sky. One opportunity to take some pictures. I never came to a mount like this before. This area was really dust and sandy. I was on the motorcycle while taking some great pictures. So green, because it was estimated the area were still kept in a well conservation. I could see huge Pakis (the traditional name of an extinct and so old vegetation)  in Gunung Bathok (Mount Bathok) still alive. After the eruption, the most active part was Mount Bromo (I could hear clearly the sound of the caldera in the peak of it. Like a bomb exploded, created a small pulsation). Some flower traders were laughing at me and friends who were feeling surprise because of that happen!, what an awesome experience seeing the biggest pura (Hindust temple) named Pura Luhur Poten was not break or broken by the eruption. In linier distance, the pura was only about no more than one kilometre from Mount Bromo. Annually, from a stair of the mount, people do traditional ceremony named Kesada (Kasada). Throwing the natural resources and doing some prays overthere.

The journey was by Malang-Pasuruan-Penanjakan-Bromo ruote. Along the journey, I could see such of sun-mount-flowers live freely. So many bushes overthere grew well on the ‘green carpet’ of Rumput Gajah (traditional name of such grass with big leaves for cows consumptions), that was 1.000 meters in height I guessed. We just saw cloud in the above of the road, higher and higher like flying on the other zone of land. Great collaboration between land and the air. But then I couldn’t stop seeing. Forests (some of trees still burnt looking) were so really fresh. As in Hindu tradition, cutting plants are not freely allowed. I could find along the journey, some board on the trees written by a natural campaign message to save the forest. Dominantly vegetation were the casuarina trees (‘pohon cemara’).  Traditional tribes named Suku Tengger (Tengger Tribe) were divided into two as I heard from the native people in there. In the inside and the outside, or Tengger Dalam and Tengger Luar. Tengger Dalam were mostly doing so traditional customs, while Tengger laur have done adaptation with the education system. The children in Tengger Dalam were not allowed go to school to keep the traditions. Most of them help the parents feeding the livestocks, do farming, and household tasks. Though their homes were built permanently, by wall, but the way they live looked so peace. No trash I got, I see. No plastics among the housings in there. No modern cultivation and fertilizer I saw too. All were doing so ‘back to nature’. A message has been done: ‘save the nature, so you will be save too’. They were even not knowing what is 3R campaign (reduce, reuse, recycle), not knowing modern law system to build a peace, to build a harmony nature. They do that by the custom, by the natural principle to keep it. They aware if they will be in danger when they cut the native trees greedily. We,most of us live in the urban areas and claimed that we are high educated, but we, don’t understand yet about how keeping this world. Tengger has done!

A message is just being a message without heart working. Bromo has its huge message by the harmony of its nature. By the people surrounding it.By the forest’s whisper. By Tengger. This is a great inspiration for us to pay attention and ask to the deepest heart: “Have we saved this world?”. I also took a picture of struggle of a father getting littlers of waters for being taken in his mini bussiness named public toilet. He took it from down, brought it by walk with one simple stick on the shoulder. He can be tough, we, with the more easy accesibily have to be more stronger to see. We owe to this nature, and never can pay them. We just can do a simple one, save and stop the reduction!

-Thanks to my great buddies who joined that great journey: Hakim Abdurahman, Moddie Alvianto, Doli Kurnia Saputra, Yogi Nofrizal, and Yesi-

*)Photo, self doc




  1. You could definitely see your enthusiasm in the work you write. The sector hopes for even more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart. “We are near waking when we dream we are dreaming.” by Friedrich von Hardenberg Novalis.

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