A Glass of Life #2 (my note on FB)

A Glass of Life #2

Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 2:58pm ·

photo and written by

Emmy Yuniart Rusadi




Today, I have read some notes in facebook by some of international intellectuals in Berlin also in Australia.They are Indonesians. So amaze that their writings and opinion also published in several international media. Different topics I got such of psychology, technology, and what the hottest topic nowadays are about Arab Spring (second ?). The hottest topic also about the LGBT topic, one of famous term saying Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. When the logics meet up the religion views.  I am muslim, let me promote the peace values we have, and I respect all of your religion guys. I don’t agree more if religion is a sensitive case. Who made this campaign? I guess it is not true. Islam in my view is not disturb what the West say as a ‘disturbtion’, I don’t make any generalitation, but it just what I know as a common civil society. So many blaming one religion to others just because of difference. In my religion, differences are will exist till the doomsday (hehe, spooky one? don’t :)). That makes us, human can learn many thing from that conditions. Imagine that there is only one tribe in this world, one kind of landscape, one, one, so pity this planet. But yes, we have the basic truth not being confrontated. Do the discussion peacefully is not easy. When I always read some, the egoism of the commentators or an excuse from the writers always happen. I don;t wanna say who is the most wrong or right, what the most important in here is we always forget that there is a hole of every religion should be understood well such of the symbols, basic truth, its interaction to the science, and many more. In Islam, in the rough translation, we respect also the difference by the principle in what I believe I do, what yours, please do. In our Al Qur’an said the fix statement what religion is totally except by Him. Just try to take a look. I have ever read a bible when I was in the junior high school whether didn’t know what is that firstly in library. Then in the short paradigm other Moslem will say me Liberal? oh no, don’t. We are trapped in many-many symbols of life. Yes, because we have limited brain that only can save llimited datas about this life, about this planet, about this cosmos etc. God knows what’s better for us 🙂

Then as Muslem, I suggest too that we must have open minded as Rasul taught us. IQRA’. It is not only seeing my eyes, hearing by ears, and more actions by our body parts, but use QOLBU. Heart. Read the book about Jews. Listen the news about Buddha’s view. Learn the secret of Hindust do peacefully. See the history of zoroaster. And do dialogue on ourselves. Not everything can be done by logic, our heart has its own ‘logic’. More closer to the doomsday, more challenges will happen. What the most hard is in the think debate. As Moslem, we just need  hardly to convince how peace we are, how genious we are. And everyone can do. Let grab all hands by this brain well, by this heart well. We know that no religion needs war to convince who is the most powerful, and also don’t use what Rasul’s war at his time as an international aliby to say that Islam loves war. We don’t. That was done because the time needs that kind of action, how maked the people in the era understand God. So, let see back to oursleves. We will still wanna have many grandchilds are living. They who will pray to us when we die. When we stop breathing. I think when we remembering death, we can’t think more that world is for forever :). You guys in this planet, I love you, Islam loves you, and I trust that every religion loves us, Muslims. It is just about the way that is wrong. So many inspirations can be done if we can do IQRA’ well.Alright, may this picture make us calm-brained, water and tress is like a forever relationship. It is llike us, the diffenece in one planet 🙂


CMMIW. Wallahua’lam bisshowwab 🙂



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