A Glass of Life #1 (my note on FB)

A Glass of Life #1

 Friday, June 22, 2012 at 10:46am ·

Written and picture design by:

Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi


So far, this June is getting sunny and warmer but sometimes also rainy in he mid of day. How are you guys? Seems cool all of you. Many activities may make you feel tired and get bore. So continously happens everyday with the same rythm.But that is not safe actually. Your brain need refresh. You muscles need the fresh blood. Your lungs need more fresh oxygen soon. Your hand need stop for a while in typing or writing something. These all are routinity. We can’t blame the time till we do such of these tired things. Remember, that life is a struggle? We have to realize that tiredness is a kind of process. Break, yes you need a little bit break in your time.

Many persons do the common ways to get the dreams. Making something different is really important right now. Try the failure. Try that to know the key whole. I have failed going abroad. I have failed getting an international event. But God is not stopping see us. HE who knows what a better ones for us. HE wanna say “You need break for a while to keep strong for a bigger opportunity”. So smooth and we can’t realize quickly. What an insane. Then I got truly a bigger opportunity. My academic schedule. My opportunity to get closer with South Korean students in my KKN. Doing some papers for competitions. One will be presented in this July in an international event. Such of the secret of life that we never seen before. Alhamdulillah, everything can be done by the effort. Pray is needed because as maximum we do, we are nothing. We just small in this planet! We just an ant in the sweet of glue oceans. In the middle of so manyblessing without saying thanks because we breathe freely. So, a glass of life is not enough may be for us as greedy of us.

I support everyYOUNG to do the best effort! Just base your steps by keep in mind what will you do to this country, for the best people around you, for every single time lost. Let God does the remain 🙂



Afterward, we wanna see that a glass of life is so big meaning actually. We just have this one planet. What do you wanna be? cheers in your life, sadness will come fast and goes fast too. VIVA!



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