Heat Island in Climate Change Issue: Not Important For Us

HeatIsland in Climate Change Issue: Not Important For Us



Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

Urban and Regional Planning Study Programme

University of Gadjah Mada

Research and Development Division (External)

KOPHI (Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia)

Personal Email: emmy.yuniarti.rusadi@gmail.com


            Hi, green generation. This is an unimportant issue to read. Just change your  view to other link or other thread that is more interesting if you want. You can stop till here and move. But don’t ,  if you feel that you still alive. That you still need to breathe. That you still need some land to step on. Or you need some fresh water to drink. Welcome to the important issue to read!

            How many part of  water are there in the earth? More than two thirds. How many part of land then? The remain, just one third. How many percent we think about water than we think about land? Maybe we always think about land 99% than water.

            Okay, go on. How  many times you take a breathe? How many particles of Oxygen you take? Can’t answer exactly? Yes, that is uncountable thing. But we can feel it in our every single time, right? You can feel which is fresh or not fresh air around you.

            So, let you ask me what actually I want to say to you, to the readers? Then my answer is “awareness!”. Why should that thing? Because everyone knows has to share what she/he knows to make a better condition for people around. This article just need your heart and mind to follow. If you have thermometer from the ancient time till now, this earth is getting hot, hotter one until two degrees Celcius in 2012. That makes the iceberg melts. Increasing of sea level happens. That is one of Al Gore said too as always in his presentation (please notice that Al Gore is one of ex-vice president of USA in Bill Clinton Period). The condition that is popular called as Climate Change. The earth is changing time by time, second by second.Can we blame man as one of the source of this condition? Absolutely yes! Man is one of big factor, why? Because we live in here, we create somtehing then many things in here, in this earth. This article will also focus on how activity impacts to the one element in climate change making process called Heat Island. Heat Island is a condition where the urban area or a scope of space is hot because of buildings density, low of vegetation, and other odores make the air around not fresh again. This always happen in many metropolitan or even in the small scale of city with a very crowded of activities. No green building enough in this kind of are. No enough vegetations are there. No enough green education known as usual, one of other man’s attitude that affects to Heat Island. One research, really interesting is made by Mr. Surjamanto Wonorahardjo, Mr.Suwardi Tedja Benedictus, and Mr. Edward from Bandung Institute of Technology entitled Studi Pengaruh Kualitas Vegetasi pada Lingkungan TermalKawasan Kota di Bandung Menggunakan Data Citra Satelitor in a brief translation is about an affect of thermal vegetation in urban area in Bandung by using satellite image. This research is made in the year of 2007. One good term is there, Thermal Environment. As said in the research summary, this happens by some of factors such as:

  1. Natural Land Cover (LC) by the activity of buidings, road making, and other infrastructures.
  2. Evapotranspiration because of trees reducing. That affects to low level of natural refreshing. This can happen because the shadow and evaporation from the tress are not good again, in a low level of activity.
  3. Geometry Effect by increasing of buildings numbers that form naroow paths. This situation trap the hot air then disturb the flow of the air.
  4. Anthropogenic. This factor is a term connected to man activities in transportation, industrial activities, using of air conditioner (AC). These are make the air hotter.
  5. Greenhouse gas and ozone. Term for layer in the air, exist because of the increasing of air pollutions.

If you have heard about the function of the tree for reducing climate change. That is true, though that is better for solving micro climate. But we have trust that micro climate accumulation being macro climate, earth climate. The principle to make a better one from the small one is true, do not wait. Okay, go on, still with the information from that reserach, the researchers found the mechanism of trees in thermal environmental effects such as:

  1. Canopy Effect. We know that trees have their shadow protect what beside or under them are feeling cold, fresh. This condition makes the lower temperature than if there is no tree. So that is why trees near buildings or road effect to a better condition for the air temperature.
  2. Evapotranspiration. The mechanism is rather similar to the Canopy Effect that makes a fresh air condition around the buildings or road. A process the leaves release some particle of gas and makes the temperature being low, cold.
  3. Trees also effect as negative actor in heating process, especially when the air in the morning goes up. This condition blocks the changing of heat around to the area. Make the area fresh. This is still together work with Canopy Effect.

By all of my explanation, can we change the weakness to plant trees be the opposite? Strong awareness planting trees is really needed. Do not wait, do not cancel your intention. This is the right time. Plant as simple you can now. And then we can say hello together when we grew up, getting old, say hello to our grandchildren , “Hello, heroes of the earth. We have saved this earth from global warming, from climate change. How are you there?”. Then we can replied to that such question by saying, “I am really fine. Really fresh air we have now. I am happy with my big family, our earth inhabitants”. Big smile then J. Then you will think that I should give a more correct title as “Let’s Plant The Trees, Save This Earth”. Oh yeah, you are right!

Data source: Studi Pengaruh Kualitas Vegetasi pada Lingkungan TermalKawasan Kota di Bandung Menggunakan Data Citra Satelit”, SurjamantoWonorahardjo et al

Tulisan yang saya dedikasikan untuk KOPHI (Koalisi Pemuda Hijau Indonesia)


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