Me vs Gita Gutawa

June 15, 2011
Me vs Gita Gutawa

I am sorry first, Gita Gutawa is not my enemy. She is my inspiration in her way singing . Her song “Tak Perlulah Keliling Dunia” is good in the musicality I think. But there is a point that I do not agree according the title. Not, it is not I blame her, or even her fault. The writer of that song might be having a sense of “ear catching” when the title is a questioning.
The title, if we do not listen the lyric well is something like this: “Do not go around, eben around this world, because everything is enough, you are in the safe zone!”. That is like the first impression strategy 
For me, trivial with the title, we have to explore this world although firstly we feel that we are safe, we feel enjoy. There are a lot of experience undercover.
Indonesia. Where the children are not all of them go to school. The college people is only 2-3 % from total population. The geography condition also makes some parta are isolated from media and technology, even education.
Urban, where we are like able to find everything is always being favourite. How about rural? Forested areas? Coastal areas? Just for making us travelling? Or having fun? Not fair!
We can say that we are, Indonesian, have the most beautiful scenery ever, but the beautiful effort to overcome education? A questioning question. Some parts of people have done and go to grassroot, get cooperation with CSR, some public education institutions to produce more teachers. More young to be teachers. More people care others. In the other hand we have to realize that what the name of Brain-Drain is happening. The smart people go over around the world to find more challenges. More experiences fight the hardness of life (in the condition, dilema between nationalism and proffesionalism or nationalism and respectness to the smart people/inventors). Then, who will be blamed? This is not time for blaming!
You know, circle will be circle forever. But we have a knife to cut, make a corner, two corners, three corners and more, that is not a circle anymore. That will be a solution by many ideas. That is the way to cut the evil circle of problem. So now, is it wrong if we go abroad for making this nation proud? (NB: Do not forget to go back home, watering the flowers for our home. Here, water are there, but like the desert because the young have no enough partners to be great and grow well) (by Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi, please copy by ethic)

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