ASEC (Actual Smile English Club) #2

ASEC (Actual Smile English Club)
(Just open my bank of memories )
Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi

Hi guys,
Nice to get intouch with you again. I want to share how we learn English as simple we can do. I am not perfect, I am not a teacher, I am not guiding you guys, but it is just share, hope it is usefull,OK.
According my experience, English is not difficult. Yes, it was true that in the first I knew English intensively in junior high scholl, my first mark was bad, really bad. But I kept my will to show that I could beat the English. I love reading, writing, and whatever challanging. Tried and tried…
Spoke in front of the mirror, reading loudly the texts, listen English on radio, or something connected to English. I love to sing, might be my voice was not good enough, but I maked my self brave to got participate in an Englush competition, I won!Alhamdulillah. Then speech competition, again, I won!Thanks to my English teacher at that time who supported me well, getting that achievement. I tried to learn what was my uniqueness, then I felt that intonation and my way’s style were there. One that I promised to do untill now is respecting everybody uniqueness. We have to acklowledge others when they have more better achievements. Give them great opportunity, the simplest is our applause or congratulations by the deepest honesty. Luck will come to us!Allah has the destiny. If we do harder, more achievements we will get!
OK,guys.Keep reading?
Haha, asseeekkkk
Now, what is your story?Share, we learn together…
P.S:Written on Thursday, 29th September 2011 at home, 9.48 p.m

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