A Child Writings

June 15, 2011
A Child Writings

“ Please come back here My Book. The green book full of stories. Full of my handwritings. From the story of folklores until my ideas about a mini novel. Return if you get it, buddy. Just come to me and say that is mine. Borrow is allowed,do not worry”
An ‘abstract’ before this ‘paper’ begin. Let me write that as my prolog . Yes, I have ever a green book full of my handwritings. I wrote my imaginations of stories, not a lot, just one book. Never remember how many pages. That was in the 3rd grade of elementary school of me. I love writings, yes. One even more friends borrowed it to take a look and feel how a child’s writing taste . But a few days after that book lost, couldn’t find it till I was graduating, till now.
Someday people do their fault and me too. Not only one side can be blamed. I was making a fault too, not being carefull and have no long prevention. I think that is what happen too in this nation, when we have written a lot of history about culture, make many database of the islands, and keep the youths study here. But we forget something that we are not strong enough now. How the situation of this world is motorised not by us, but our neighbours, long away neighbour. Sadly, we make a friend with them. Big smile always. But not looking at to the down when people feel difficult to smile, why? Because their lips are dry!
This world is always side by side. Right and left. Poor and rich. Vissionaire and conservative. Prevent and do not prevent. Kept and lost. Time is really dynamic. What will we face of are all mystery. Before everything bad happen, preventing from the smallest one is very needed. Mindset, attitude, and spirit owning a nation!We are the child of strugglers (Kita adalah anak-anak pejuang!-BJ Habibie-)!!!!
(by Emmy Yuniarti Rusadi, please copy by ethic)

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