E.n.g.l.i.s.h , W.h.y N.o.t?

This is my first write special for Indonesian readers. For you who are in the senior high school, graduate students, or all elemnts in education systems. My regards to say hi, first.

We learn English.

What is the impact?

What purpose?


English is a part of Anglo axon’s style. It is a very old culture actually. I am still learning the history to say to you guys. English is one of simplest language, i think, but Bahasa Indonesia is my proud of course.  Whay you shame to speak in English to improve your ability on it?

Trust me, I have a very memorable story. I have got a very bad mark in English, when I was in the first year of junior high school. That was my first touching of English (as my language). No doubt, I decided to make it better. And yes, I got that chance. I force my spirit to get involved in a speech competition then. It is a usual or you can it common, some experts ‘born’ from competition, I have tried that way, although I know, I am still amateur, of course 🙂

We are Indonesian. We have to know what are happening in around the world by English as the primary. Evry seconds, informations change so fast, also mostly in English. Literatures that are on our library cupboard or even in many informations websites are also in English, so whay not?

There is an issue says if we use one of culture’s product, it means we are one of the member of that product. That is true, if we can not controll our nation bulidngs or the basic idealism ttahta we have. I want to say the most that I always think about. By learning English, we can know what Englishman or people who goes their culture on English, collect the knowledges, then we can build by adapting, improving, or inovating the ideas in our country. But my suggestion, be carefull in doing them all. Selective habits are needed!



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